Does it really matter?

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Posted by sparkythewonderpenguin at on September 15, 2001 at 18:16:33:

I know some people are sick of this, well I would argue that what happened on tuesday will never go away nor should it. It will never be back to business as usual. With that said, I've got a couple of questions that I would like to leave up for discussion:
Does the nationality of the people who died in this tragedy this important? I know some feel that this was an attack on their country, to some extent it was, but would it be really less tragic had it happened elsewhere in the world? Patriotism is this thing that we resort to when we don't know how to make meaningful bonds with other people. The thing is that I don't agree with alot of things that the US government has done in the past, and I don't agree with alot of its current policies, same goes for canada by the way. Does it mean I do not support righting this aweful wrong, no it doesn't. I never supported war, or killing for that matter in the past, and this has not changed. Unfortunatly, with what has happened in past wars, I am led to believe that the next is going to be as aweful if not worst in terms of civilian death. So if supporting Mr. Bush means this, then I don't. I'm sorry but I don't. However, if it means bringing about real justice, real change, making reasonable decisions about reasonable and effective ways to end terrorism, including the one that we ourselves take part in, then I will support him and anyone who stands for that, for that matter. Please discuss this post, don't attack it...

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