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Posted by FearofSpam at on September 15, 2001 at 11:13:17:

In Reply to: Look posted by Kiss It on September 15, 2001 at 08:28:28:

: I have no doubt been here longer than you, and since I was have been here, things were like this.

I have been here a long time little man, I think since about board 16. While it is possible that you have been here longer, I some how doubt it. And since I was here alot of things have changed.

You didn't need a password when I first started posting here. No one had red names...there are alot of other little changes that have happened as well.

: Don't just come in here and start dictating. I am aware of the rules.

I never dictated anything, I just layed the rules out there for those of YOU who didn't seem to understand them to keep YOU from looking like an idiot. If you know the rules follow them and we have no problem.

: I have been aware of them for years. As have others. We know whats acceptable on this board (well, SOME of us do) so we have no complaints here other than people posting stupid shit while others are trying to carry on with postd. There have been 2 people posting here for hours. Wake up, man. Not everything is "by the book" 24/7. Stop whining about something as trivial as different boards.

While the two people you speak of were not the only ones that my message was aimed at, adn the fact that I am wide awake. It is pretty annoying to sign onto a board that is less than four hours old and find it bombarded with three to four people chatting. Especially when there is a freaking chat room like two mouse clicks away... And Yes the rules are meant to be followed 24/7 other wise the rules would read "you should follow these rules except for every third tuesday and when ever you feel like they do not apply to you." that is why the OWB was give people a place to BS.


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