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Posted by wesley pipes at on September 15, 2001 at 08:33:03:

In Reply to: Attention....Attention Please posted by FearofSpam on September 15, 2001 at 08:09:16:

Are you in any way related to emenem or doctor dre?
Do you have specially designed fingers taylor made to suiting a keyboard, or is your keyboard taylor made to your fingers?
What is this recipe that you speak of, could you please post it so we can all read it please?

You are a nice fag

: This thing that you are looking at is a web board. More specifically than that it is the View Askew Web Board. You can what it is by hitting the back button and going to the top of the page and reading it. (Please wait to do preceding until after you read this post thouroughly. Some of you should feel free to read it twice.) For those of you who do not know this, there are two boards here. One is for posing questions or comments to View Askew staff ie KEVIN, VINCENT, JASON MEWES, etc. That is the main board, that is this board. The other other board is known as the OWT or other white board. This is not a racial thing that I am aware of. I believe that all fans or non fans alike can post on this board regardless of ethnic/religious background. The other white board is for posters to pose questions, coments, and recipes (if said poster sees fit)to each other.

: Finally the kind folks at VA (this stands for View Askew in this case not Virginia)have provided us with a chat room. There is a link at the top of this the main board page. This is for back and forth banter style conversation of damn near any topic. That is right! You have read me correctly! You can walk in there and say damned near anything. If you have a chicken bone cock ring and feel the need to share it with 10 to 30 of your fellow askew fans, feel free, hop on in there and say "I have a cock ring made from the reminants of the fried chicken mom made last night and I don't care who knows it." You don't even have to spell the words right.

: Let's recap:

: MAIN BOARD - is not a chat room.

: OWB - is not a chat room but can be used like a slowed down version of a traditional chat

: View Askew Chat - is in fact a chat room.

: If you feel the need to post a follow up to this message feel free but so as not to waste anymore of Kevin's webspace, that he so graciously pays for, I will go ahead and respond to all for seeable threads.

: Here are those responses:

: *Yes I realise that now is a time of crisis and that some of us feel the need to ask for a prayer for a fallen loved one or would just like to share a prayer for our bretheren who are in pain. By all means do so I think that Kevin would love to provide that service. I don't know that for sure I have never met him. I feel like I know him I have followed his career for damned near my entire adult life and look to him as somewhat of a role model. I would like to think that he is a really sweet guy, with a predeliction to fart and dick jokes, that is spiritually very developed and has probably been praying for all of us in the last week.

: On a side note to the above, I read many posts on Tuesday evening that touched me in a way that the news had not. It made the situation all the more real for me, being half the country away, and my heart and prayers go out to all that have been affected by this cowardly attack.

: * Yes this post is OFF TOPIC.
: I am not a member of the VA staff nor am I posing this message to the VA staff. But like any comunity we are expected to govern ourselves (to a degree) and when we see someone throwing a brick throught the window we should stop them and say "hey somebody lives their and that is not nice" While anything that is said on this board is in no way that sort of threat different comunities have different standards and I would like to see this particular comunity return to normal as soon as possible.

: A side note to that.
: Firsties goes above Ming or Holy Toads not a reply too.

: * Yes I had some extra time on my hands. This has been an unusually long rant for me.

: and finally

: *Yes Vincent I think it is great that you have a chicken bone cock ring.=]

: If you have read this message and think this does not apply to me, and then think I am going to ask Kevin why he named Lafours after that guy in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...then it does not.

: However if you first think that it does not apply to you and then think that you would like to post a message to see if anyone else thinks it's weird that if you play Black Sabath albums backwards while watching CLERKS Dante becomes the devil you need to not post it...and you need to seek help.

: Remember you don't stop being a newbie by posting alot. You are not a newbie when you know that you don't have to respond to everypost on the board, and when you do post it is worth while and enlightening on some level.

: I am not trying to spawn a holy war of epic proportions here I am just trying to help out.

: FearofSpam

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