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Posted by Daniel T. at on September 16, 2001 at 22:30:47:

I've currently come to a wit's end with no bastion of intelligence or creedance in sight. I'm a college senior with a interest in film-making, yet have been pulled every possible which way in how to proceed. My perceptions of film school seem to be some veiled, man behind the curtain routine, tugging at your pocket book funding professors who teach film because they don't know how to make one, all the while servicing me with a degree that might get me on as Best Boy of the new C. Thomas Howell movie headed straight to Cinemax. I want to make films I want to make, that I feel and that I want to people to see. Not blockbusters, niche markets where not everyone will get my point, but those that do will see it with sublimation (reference: Chasing Amy). I guess my convoluted question is what are your thoughts on film school. Do I need to mortgage the trailer to go to NYU, maybe try and end up being an ass-washer for James Lipton at the New School? Or can I slum it at a smaller program and let good work speak for itself, or even give all that the bird and just write, spend and have grandma serve as key grip? Thoughts/tips/comments would brighten up this disillusioned soul.

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