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Posted by FUBS Man at on September 16, 2001 at 22:21:31:

In Reply to: A way anyone can help out posted by Bay and Silent Job on September 16, 2001 at 22:01:44:

I wouldn't call these past events a moving experience. In my perspective, it was more like a "slug in the jaw" attack. After we, the USA, reset our jaw, we came back even stronger, ready to do some damage. Those Afghan fucks didn't know that the buildings collapsed after they hit them. Now, you hear them kissing our asses trying to get us to back off. It's like they held a steak in front of a pit bull, teasing and taunting it on it's chain leash. All of a sudden, the leash breaks, and they are caught with their pants down and their ass in the air.

They better fucking hope that we have some inkling of mercy left in our souls.

Just one conspiratous theory that I have:

As impossible and improbable as it may seem, did it ever occur to anyone that Israel may be responsible for this travesty? Even though Israel is thought as "The Holy Country" and "The Country That Wouldn't Do That Shit," there is a possibility that our religion is wrong and they are the masterminds behind it. Think about it; Israel has been getting shit from Pakistan and all the other middle-eastern countries for a long fucking time. They want someone to get "them" off of their backs, "them" being mainly Afghanistan. So they get some Muslims (If there is anyone that says that Muslims don't reside in Israel, then they are a fucking moron.) and get them to hijack four planes that have a dictated link with America (United and American Airlines...get it?) and they crash them into the biggest shit in our country. Things that resemble our freedom, our pride, and our power. Things that would hurt us the most, casualty and economy wise. We turn around and say, "What the fuck?! Who the hell did this shit?!" Immediately, we say "Osama bin Laden...Afghanistan...bastards...nuclear." Meanwhile, Afghanistan, totally oblivious as to whom has pulled off this "wondrous assault on the US," is cheering in the streets for the people that did it. Now, Israel is saying, "Please help us. Now you have a good reason to help."
We will now give them any fucking thing that they wish and beat the shit out of Afghanistan.

Just my 2 cents. (As for now, though, I think Afghanistan is behind it, but you never know.)

Also, wouldn't it be cool to wipe all the middle eastern countries, with the exception of Israel, off the map and mine our own oil. Gas for 50 cents per gallon would be pretty sweet.

"FUBS - Fucked Up Bull Shit. Preach the bullshit!"


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