This new movie brought out too many...

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Posted by Theguessguy at on September 16, 2001 at 22:12:39:

friggin' air heads. I can safely say I'm not new. Been here for maybe two years or so. Yet, I don't come in here everyday and post. And when I do post now I know what's the right thing to say. Now if I had the power to ban people, I would take full control of it. No regrets. Now when I make my website, it won't be like VA and have a membership thing, and so won't have the power to ban. Yet, if my website is nearly as popular one day as KS's is then by God people will have to join. And if stupid immature brats like the ones who's been in here recently come to my board, I would curse them out and tell them to never come on to my site ever again. Sure, I lose more people that way but I hate to see a good board get a bad name for having too many 14 year olds think they are funny and post rude things. Not saying any names. If you need a list, Ben to kick people off I could probably narrow it down to 100. Oh no, I said Ben. Now those 14 year old's are gonna think I was referring to Ben Affleck and we'll read some idiot ask if he writes to the board. Damn me. Oh well. That's just my thought. Sorry you all had to read that! Jon.

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