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Posted by dmcfan at on September 16, 2001 at 20:43:15:

In Reply to: Coming up for air posted by Kevin on September 16, 2001 at 20:35:16:

: Is it me, or are there a slew of twelve year olds hanging around on the
: board lately?

: Would you all kindly stop picking fights and then dramatically exiting the
: board only to show up again mere posts later? Thank you.

: Sorry for my absence. I've been knee-deep in the new script. I'm almost
: done, too. Got a title and everything.

: 'Course, it's a little too early to share any of the particulars of the
: film with you, but I'll start talking about it soon enough. Suffice it to
: say, it's pretty much the biggest 180 you can make from 'Jay and Silent Bob
: Strike Back'.

: Speaking of which, another reason I've been MIA: I was off licking my box
: office wounds. Don't get me wrong - thirty million is nothing to sneeze at
: (ask the 'Rock Star' folks if they'd be happy with a thirty million box
: office take). But the feeling was that we'd do better than 'Dogma', as the
: movie wasn't a niche film about Catholicism. However, we forgot that the
: flick was, ultimately, a niche film about the View Askewniverse. Oops.

: That being said, I've since made peace with what we'll wind up making.
: Once the expectation was cleared away, it was kind of nice to know that me
: and Mewes "opened" the movie ourselves - to the tune of eleven million
: bucks (and I'm not even movie star pretty... or a movie star at all, for
: that matter). That's all due to you folks - the ladies and gents who've
: encouraged our nonsense, flick after flick. Because of you all, and your
: fierce loyalty, I get to continue making whatever flicks I want to make.
: I've said it before, and I'll say it again: thank you.

: So, as we place thirteenth at the box office for this week, drop down to
: twelve hundred or so screens, and prepare to do our last lap toward that
: thirty million dollar figure, some have asked what my perspective on 'Jay
: and Silent Bob Strike Back' is? Was it worth the effort?

: Fuck, yes.

: It was a blast. We made the ultimate fan's flick and were extremely well
: reviewed, by and large. I got to put my wife and kid in the movie, as well
: as all of my friends. We made the exact film we wanted to make that the
: large majority of you really dug - and it's a flick that'll be very
: profitable for Dimension, when all's said and done.

: Yes, dear friends and peers, I've dodged yet another bullet.

: But box office, shmox office - let's talk about something that really
: matters.

: Good Lord, the horror of Tuesday the 11th...

: I was on the west coast during the attack, sleeping. The phone woke me up
: at around seven thirty, west coast time. My mother had left a message,
: urging me to turn on the television, as the United States was under attack.
: What I saw when I did so shocked the hell out of me. The burning WTC. The
: reports of people jumping from the building. The Pentagon broken. After
: watching about ten minutes of coverage, for me, the whole tragedy
: crystallized into one thought...

: This is what happens when people take their religion far too seriously.

: My prayers go out to the survivors of the attack and those who've lost
: loved ones, but my heart goes out to the hijacked passengers and the folks
: who populated that grand monument that always made New York City seem
: bigger than life, the World Trade Center. These were the folks who wound
: up as afterthoughts to some misguided lunatic's political statement, and I
: can't imagine a worse way to go than dying for someone else's
: self-righteous cause - and doing it while being held in check by a box
: cutter and the threat of a phantom bomb.

: As a Nation, we're sad. We're horrified and scared. We're outraged.
: We're hungry for vengeance. That was all to be expected.

: What wasn't expected - but should have been, really - has been watching us
: band together as Americans.

: The candle-lit vigils I witnessed dotting the streets of L.A. Friday night.

: The report that there have been more food donations made than can be
: handled in NYC.

: The news that volunteers had to be turned away, so many were there offering
: to clean up the debris at what was once the World Trade Center.

: If you're not proud to be an American this week, I urge you to get your
: jaded head out of your ass and stand in front of a flag and say the Pledge
: of Allegiance with as much fervor as you did when you first learned it in
: grade school. Because all that rhetoric we're usually fed during election
: years about patriotism and love for our country that normally seems like
: bullshit? That rhetoric has become a reality again. And I'd like to think
: of it as the parting gift of the passengers of the hijacked airliners and
: the nearly five thousand innocents who perished in both towers of the World
: Trade Center. That's the silver lining to the dark and evil cloud that
: loomed over our country just long enough last week to remind us why we're
: all on this particular land mass to begin with...

: Because we choose to be Americans.

: I'll check back with you late

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