American Pie 2 vs J&SBSB

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Posted by TCioletti at on August 27, 2001 at 12:19:13:

Welcome to Porky's 2001
Same shit different Day.
the American Pie movies have become the Porky's of our time, there are good and bad qualities to this title. A) the first movie was piss-your-pants hilarious and on the downside B) The same jokes carry over to the next movie. For example
Stifler injests more bodily fluids
Jim embarrases himself
Everyone makes fun of oz for being a practicioner of monogomy
And finally The end takes the coming of age road AGAIN and makes me want to vomit.
The reason this movie is #1 is because the dick and fart jokes are less thought out and easier to get and some people have yet to realize its redundancy and probably won't until American Pie 3 or 4, I sometimes cry myself to sleep at night when I think of shitty movie sequels. But if there is actuall and american pie 3 i might just resort to suicide. Kevin, don't fret that you didn't hit #1 opening weekend. You have something more precious than a quick flash in a pan, you have a legion of devoted fans who will continue to back your endeavors whether they are dick and fart joke movies or resurrecting comic book heros (which I think is great because I grew up on comics). March on Kevin, bigger and better things await
the last beat poet
p.s.-Love the Green Arrow books

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