Could it be because..... ****SPOILERS for AP2****

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Posted by Misstery3 at on August 27, 2001 at 17:08:43:

In Reply to: KEVIN.....a sappy piece of *poo* to cheer you up posted by pimpmunky7 on August 27, 2001 at 16:50:06:

I saw both movies as well, and I was disappointed with Pie2 simply because it's so UNbelievable.

With JSBSB, you KNOW that this would never in a billion years happen. And I don't just mean the love story, the bank robbery, or the road trip. The whole thing. It's just flat out comedy.

AP2 is more insidious in that the endings are all implausibly good. Here's the spoilers. As if the two best looking characters in the movie (Suvari and love interest) would stay loyal to each other over a summer surrounded by easy lays and more fascinating/intelligent people! Give me a BREAK. 50% divorce rate, and you are telling me college kids are actually committed? Not. Even if we give AP2 that point, look at the exchange student and the geek. What geek would turn down a night with that girl to go tell some other chick he loves her? That can't WAIT ONE NIGHT?!? Hah again. And given THAT point to AP2, I have yet to meet any ex-boyfriend that would have the beach epiphany and total change of feeling regarding his exgirlfriend. "I just want you in my life as friends". Oh my GOD I almost hurled. Last but not least, the Tantric geek actually getting his prize in the end is a huge blow to reality. Just because you yearn for something and are disappointed does not mean you get it in the end because you have good karma. Gimme a break.

And SE hopping off with that freaky redhead in the end, just because he uses the magic word "geek" when she happened to be looking for it? My GOD!

I wonder what kind of damage AP2 will do to the impressionable youth of america. Hell, what damage ANY of these movies will do. "Oh, I'm a hideous wreck, but I'm suddenly a princess of a far off land and now I'm beautiful!" and "Everyone ends up happy or enlightened in the end, with sex!" or "Even ugly guys get laid by beautiful women!"

I'm so sick of today's media. As if fucking Sleeping Beauty and Snow White weren't enough of a fantasy to live up to! I can't tell you how many women in my office are still waiting for their Prince Charming, 50 years later.

Which is why JSBSB kicked ass, is because it's utter crap, and everyone knows it! No one is deluded into thinking it's real!

And now, it's Miller Time.

: It's a damn shame you didn't conquer the view askew's holy grail (the #1), but what's important is that you made a movie that we (the fans) loved very much, and we all appreciate that to the greatest extent. We all love your work nevertheless. So, I think (and many would agree with me here) you should keep making the kick-ass movies and keep the underground flowing. I would love to see a Clerks 2 or a Banky or Brodie movie. Keep up the good work.

: P.S. I ended up seeing AP 2 over the weekend, along with seeing your movie twice, and AP 2 blows compared to Jay & Silent Bob! Damn that mainstream audience! Also, you should put that "Chasing Kevin" documentary on the Jay & Silent Bob DVD, that would be great.


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