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Posted by SSJ4Sam at on August 27, 2001 at 16:28:22:

It's all very fucked up. Dogma and Mallrats are both, refrenced inside J&SBSB, while "Chasing Amy" doesn't exist to the people in VA5. Clerks. seems to be real life too. Now, if you take out 'Rats and Dogma, then the Julie Dwyer thing works out better, but we have no basis for Brodie and Trish, who appear in the new flick. Dogma can be dumped, though, since it is a very holy experience and doesn't connect to the other worlds except through the J&SB comics.

Also, about the monkey: though it is very unlikely that Jay and Bob would have two very similar monky experiences in two different states, it is possible, and as Jay said to Justice "We steal monkeys all the time," which could mean that they HAVE stolen two monkeys.

So, like a pre-85 DC Universe, here is how it stands:

Earth Prime:
The Earth you are on now. All VA works exist as fiction in this universe.

Earth 1:
"Clerks." takes place on this world, as do "Chasing Amy" and "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back". Clerks Cartoon, The Bluntman & Chronic Comics, and The Jay and Bob comics are all fictional here, though the Jay&SB comics are most likely non-existant (though Jay and Bob may have gone on a road trip after the events in Amy and could have stolen a monkey). Walt's Dog and the Clerks. comics also fit, and this allows for the Willam of two worlds theory.

Also, Clerks: TAS may be a show starring Dante and Randall here. If the "ABC wouldn't have cancled us" line would have made it in to the film, that would have to be the truth.
Volumes of history-
Walt Flannigan's Dog
Clerks. (The Comic Books)
Chasing Amy

Earth 2:
"Mallrats" takes place here, as do "Chasing Amy" and "Dogma." All VA Comics take place in reality (Except for the B&C comics), and "Clerks." happens if there are two Willam Blacks. J&SBSB does NOT occur in this world. The last event would be Jay offering to screw Bethany, or the end of Clerks. Holiday Special.
Volumes of history-
Walt Flannigan's Dog
Clerks. (Maybe - See Above)
Clerks. (The Comic Books)
Chasing Amy
Chasing Dogma

The Evil Rick Derris, Cockknocker, Dickhead and more are fought by Jay and Silent Bob. The Clerks exist, and so does Shannon Hamilton. It is assumed the last event to take place in this universe is the Death of Chronic.
Volumes of history-
Bluntman & Chronic 1-4
Oni Double Feature 12
Bluntman and Chronic Strike Back

Clerks Cartoon World:
The Clerks Cartoon is reality here. The movie Clerks. is fiction here, as it is refrenced in the show. Of course, they also end up in the Matrix, so nothing is for sure here. Said movie may be made by the characters in this world BEFORE the show takes place.
Volumes of history-
Clerks: TAS
Clerks: Sell Out

Scream 3:
Jay and Bob somehow have wandered to the location of the masked killer. It is unknown what experiences this pair have had, but it is assumed that J&SBSB did not happen in this world, since Jay and Bob would have made some refrence to the Scream experience on the set of Scream 4.
Volumes of history-
Scream 3

Current DC Universe:
Same problem with the Scream world, it is unknown what experiences Jay and Bob have had as they stand outside of Etrigan's safehouse. It is possible that this is the Clerks Cartoon world, due to the fact that both worlds share a long-named hispanic reporter.
Volumes of history-
GA: Quiver: 6

Obviously, this doesn't take into account many of the deleted scenes, nor does is take into account any unproduced works, save Sellout and the B&C graphic novels. I probably screwed up on the Clerks comics, or maybe I missed something. If so, BY ALL MEANS correct me! And E-mail the correction!

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