An Opening Weekend Tale of Woe

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Posted by Ickabod at on August 27, 2001 at 14:16:15:

hello Kevin and other Askewers, employees and fans alike.

I have quite the tale of woe to report from this weekend.

I live up in the Boston area and I caught both the sneak Peak and
saw it on Friday opening weekend proper.

Well to start off, I loved the flick. And sadly it played out a lot better
Sneak Peak Weekend when it was filled to the gills with Askew fans.
When I saw it this past opening weekend some of the jokes went
over the audiences head.

But enough arm chair directing, so to speak. I invited about 20
people that I know from various circumstances to check out opening
night (Friday) via email. I realalisticly didn't expect all 20 (with
spouses and girlfriends and boyfriends and whatever other friends)
to show. But I had faith that seeing a really funny movie, directed by
one of our own generations finer directors, would draw a small crowd
out. But alas, all the things you hear about Boston, being an
unfriendly city, are true. Not one person responded to my email.
(Start violin music now) So I went alone and had a blast. but with no
one to share, all the funny moments the movie has to offer, with, i
couldn't tell anyone about it without spoiling it.

I would've gladly seen it Saturday if Friday had not turned out so badly
for me personally. And if those 20 some odd people were to have
come that would've raised the gosses by $200, which i know is just a
blip on the radar screen movie numbers speaking, but what if they
had really dug it and took their friends, who would in turn have taken
their friends. And well, by the end of Sunday my group of friends,
alone, would've raised the grosses by $10 million. Just kidding, but
you get the point. But I just wanted to let you all know that I tried, and
failed because people are jerks. Fuck them, fuck them up their
stupid asses.

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