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Posted by Wheeljack at on August 27, 2001 at 13:43:29:

In Reply to: RE: Fuck Coppola! posted by Brodie Fan on August 27, 2001 at 11:58:01:

Last time, then I'll let it go...

(deep breath)


This was meant in JEST, as I said at THE END OF MY LAST POST!!!

Apparently my sense of humor (or lack there of) sucks ass since it
went over everyone's heads.

Iknow FFC has MUCH MORE CREDENTIALS than Kev! I was just
hoping that people would see that I kinda meant that the movie
industry is filled with aueters with a "vision". In FFC'c case, it's usually
legit, but for every Godfather, there's a Married to the Mob.

All I meant was that it is refreshing to see someone (Kev) make
exactly the movies he want without as big a deal as the rest of
Hollywood. He proves that you can be creative without kow-towing to
or fighting the big studios and be successful.

Now while my pride has been drop-kicked over this apparent misfire
of a joke I feebly attempted to convey, I understand that I wasn't as
clear or quick in this instance as I thought. Therefor, my bad, but now
you know what I meant.

Schuelmacher sucks ass.


: I think there are some directors that can not be compared. I respect
the work of moth, said, directors and find it hard that you could make
a statement like the ViewAskew World blows Coppola's world away.
There's two different worlds, very far apart that will never meet. Kev
has his pop culture style of directing, Coppola's films are all period
pieces if not movies about the human condition (well some of them).

: While Kevin's movies can boarder on those same ideas, you could
never compare say Clerks to Apocalypse Now cause they're to
completely different films, with two completely different points.

: I think it's best to drop this topic, seeing how it has no real validity.

: -Brodiefan

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