Merchandise and DVD Wishlist - Repost

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Posted by MattR at on August 27, 2001 at 13:37:08:

Just thought I'd put this on the new board, so Kevin can see it, and people can add suggestions. If no one adds any imput here, I promise to stop posting it.

-Silent Bob trenches, either the same exact one, or one with a small logo, or 'Silent Bob' embroidered on it.

-The Hoody Kevin wears

-Vulgarathon(if there is one this year) Shirt - there's
a shirt with a logo on the front. And everyone who
attends can sign the back, along with the cast and crew. The original can be kept in the stash, and there can be copies sent to all who attend, or it could be sold.
If you want me to try out some logo designs,
I will. Just tell me if you like the idea

-A RST Video card, for your wallet. There could be personalized ones or ones made out to certain characters.

DVD Feature ideas

-"Definetly something along the lines of "View Askew look's back at Mallrats"
That documentary was the ill-shit! Hearing Lee say "Fuck 'em" and "Critics shmitics" makes that one of the best documentaries I've seen on a DVD.

Let's see.... There's also that Behind-the-Scenes documentary we've been hearing about. Um.... maybe a feature on all the different movies that are referenced within the film, because we probably all missed a bunch.

I think the whole design of the DVD should be in the spirit of, like the whole thing should be about how terrible the movie is, and how much of a hack Smith is.

Oh, and OF COURSE, the muthafucking VIDEOS! Gotta have those!

And lots of Vincent Pereira. That muthafucker is too damn sexy"

-"I can't think of a great one now, but what about hearing what everyones favorite scenes are?(I.E. Kevin's fave, Mewes', etc.) And why they liked it so much, favorite lines from it, etc."

-"A pop-up video type commentary that runs along with the film that points out all the various references to the Askewniverse. This is something that I thought would be pretty neat"

"This would rule, along with little comments about interesting items in the film. Like "this prop, is in the stash now", that was a lame example, but I think you know what I mean."

"More DVDs should have geeky fan-boy commentary. Whadaya say? A contest to be on the commentary with like 4 other fanboys? That would be the shit!"

Those are just the ones that have been posted before. If you add a suggestion, try to add it in with the rest, so there's a nice clean list for Kevin or any of the merch people to read. If you didn't see it before, you're not crazy, I just added the fan-boy idea. I'll probably e-mail the list out to after every puts in their two cents. I just thought it would be better to have it all organized.

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