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Posted by Wheeljack at on August 27, 2001 at 13:24:44:

Dude, I'm not serious. FF Coppola re-invigorated the Indie film scene
so that films such as JSBSB could be made. I recognize, yo. It's just
that in the heavy-set directors genre, Kev has way better dick and fart
jokes, and that's not to be taken lightly (drumroll).

Besides, Apocalypse Now went waaaay over budget, nearly killed
Martin Sheen, took years to make, almost bankrupted the director,
was a hethen for inner cast/crew arguements, and had an
ambiguous ending that even as he was making it, he wasn't happy
with. This is excluding the rumors of decedance that the media
perpetuated in their impaitence ("Apocalypse When"). What came of
that was one of the most aclaimed films of all time and a vindication
of the movie director as an artist.

Now Kev makes movies that are thinly veiled pop culture and film
references to everything under the Sundance for the sake of two
hours of ass humor. His subject matter never waivers from
counterculture menusia and Jason Mewes must be the Terret's
Syndrom poster child. The end product of that is comedy aimed at the
lowest common denominator and an excuse to over-promote
Lucas's frighteningly seductive Star Wars cult.

Therefore, personally, I think Kev's Askewniverse chucks a huge, wet
bitch-slap all over Francis's Zoetrope ass.



: Dude, really, no need to insult the co-writer and director of the
Godfather Trilogy...that's just not right.

: : Now that the Askevniverse has imploded, allow me to placate your
: : ego, Kev and say that your films stand as the end all/be all flicks of
: : our slack-off generation created by the greatest heavy set director
: : since Coppola...Ah, fuck Coppola; I meant the greatest heavy set
: : director ever this side of Orson Welles (and that ain't no small side,
: : either).

: : Also, in all seriousness, JSBSB is far and away the best movie this
: : year. I have seen this hunk of cellulitic gold twice and brought a
: : on the second pilgrimage, so I have managed to finagle $25.50 for
: : your jihad.

: : By the way, to say that asking people to see it repeatedly is not
: : "begging" if the film in question represents the last bastion of
: : intelligence in a Bush-plagued, God fearing nation that has
: : seemingly embraced tunnel vision with a zeal equivilant to and
: : possibly surpassing Cabbage Patch Mania.

: : Remember kiddies, there is no spoon.

: : Wheeljack

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