Re: Anyone else picturing the Simpsons' comic book guy

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Posted by MattR at on August 28, 2001 at 13:01:09:

In Reply to: Anyone else picturing the Simpsons' comic book guy posted by jkm822 on August 28, 2001 at 12:51:41:

: I'm 26, and I'm at work. I've been a fan just as long as you have, RfaD. And just because most of us don't spend our entire lives on this board doesn't mean that you get to push us around because you do. I'm terribly sorry if you don't approve of everything that everyone has to say. I'm also terribly sorry that your little group has exploded into something larger. Guess you're just going to have to share the fanboy worship, you rude, possessive little fuck.
: If it makes you feel better, I'm sure the mass explosion of posters will slack off, given time. Of course, that will entail patience and the ability to ignore some of the less-enlightened posters, and I don't know if you're capable of that. If not, and you fall by the wayside... too fucking bad.

: Jill

I am new to this board, I've been following it for a few days, and I don't feel I've asked any real stupid questions or anything, and I have read all the summaries. As long as all the newbies are acting semi-intelligent, I don't see a problem. One thing that is pissing me off though is people who constantly repost, or post questions people have asked so many times and have gotten an answer to. I'm also getting annoyed by all the spoilers with no warning. What I'd like to know is how you can look down on people that have just realized how talented Kevin Smith is. Even if you were a fan from the first movie, you had to start at some time. Boo-hoo Kev's fanbase is growing even more! Damn him to hell! And the amount of people will slow down in time. And for the record, no I didn't just jump on the bandwagon, I've been watching since clerks.


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