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Posted by NefariousFaery at on August 28, 2001 at 11:44:03:


I hate James Van Der Beek. He's so annoying. I know he was supposed to
sound all stuck up and high on himself in JSBSB, but he really is in real
life. He has this "holier than thou" air about him. Grrr...


I was just wondering. Who's Bryan Lynch, who's HolyToads, and who's
Jennifer? (The people who post in red.) I'm so confused. I thought only
Kevin posted in red?

Okie, for all you people reading this, if you want to answer, please E-mail
me at (O in Dragon is a zero), because whenever I go
on this board like a day after I post something, my post has completely
disappered. Damn people posting 34/7/365...*Sigh* Anyway, yeah, that'd be
great. (The reason I wrote out my whole E-mail address was 'cuz I don't
know if this board puts a link to your E-mail or not...Anyway, yeah, just
had the need to explain my

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