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Posted by Nick-The-Knife at d324.as1.clev.oh.voyager.net on August 28, 2001 at 11:44:03:

In Reply to: Kevin, your 15 minutes is almost up... posted by Not a Dilettante on August 27, 2001 at 23:04:46:

: Kevin, dude. I hope you realize that you used your last "Get out of Jail
: Free" card up with Bob & Harvey with your latest fiasco.

Fiasco? Hadly. J&SBSB was exatctly what it was meant to be: a very funny movie. Granted, you have to be in line with Kevin Smith's sense of humor, but I laughed like hell and didn't regret spending money to see it at all.

: I was really wanting to like "Jay & Silent Bob", but not entirely
: surprised when it turned out to be another self-indulgent piece o'
: crap.

Want to explain this one? He WROTE the fucking thing. Self indulgent in what way?

: You've made a total of four films to date, J&SB not included, do you
: really think this constitutes a body of work worthy of a retrospective?

Learn the difference between the words "cameo" and "retrospective". Once you have, we'll talk.

: To recap:

: Clerks showed promise of great thinks to come.

I agree with that.

: Mallrats wasn't that great thing, but it was a good time.

I liked MALLRATS. A little heavy on the ass jokes, but it was funny.

: Chasing Amy was your Mona Lisa, as long as you didn't mind the fact
: that it was visually uninspired (variations on a two-shot) and
: basically spoken in one voice.

Who the hell are you, Gordon Willis?! The only thing I disliked about CHASING AMY was the fact that Ben Affleck's character turned out to be a macho unsympatetic moron.

: Dogma was, well, pretty damn bad... and it gets worse with each
: successive viewing.

Hey, motherfucker, I just bought the DOGMA SE on DVD and I LOVE that movie! I don't know if you grew up Catholic, but I did and let me tell you that he hit the nail DIRECTLY on the head with exactly what's wrong with organized religion, Catholicism in particular.

: Now this... a rehash of references to all of the above with some
: topical humor (owe yeah, and how did you get so p-whipped that you
: put your modestly attractive wife in the same league with Eliza,
: Shannon and Ali....if they were a spoof on Charlies Angels, what was
: she, one of Jerry's Angels? I understand, put up, or no put out, it's
: rough.)

I thought she looked just fine. This is a personal attack and nothing more. Are you THAT desperate for attention from the people that run this site that you have to rely on personal attacks? Sad, Junior. Very sad.

: Kev, take some of your own best advice. be Holden fucking McNeil
: and write something personal like Chasing Amy, but not as didactic
: or prosaic as Dogma.

Oooh, does it hurt when something makes you think? Just rub your head and watch SAVED BY THE BELL. I'm sure you'll feel better.

: Your current path is going to lead nowhere.

Much like this thread.

: Oh, and if you and Mewes show up at my door looking to kick my ass,
: you don't stand a chance, lunchbox.


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