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Posted by RatVader at host98056.paramount.com on August 27, 2001 at 13:15:20:

In Reply to: RatVader.......Misconceptions of a Sorry S.O.B. posted by Superjudge on August 27, 2001 at 12:59:07:

: Aha.....many of the posts I've read on here are rather amusing. But I found myself a bit pissed when I read the postings by the Mad Poster "Ratvader". It's not that I agreed or not with what he was trying to say, not at all, I just found it more than a little disturbing that he, as well as few others just don't get it. JASBSB, a movie unlike many, with its juvenile jokes, clever turns, and tongue in cheek celebrity self depreciation was not intended to be a profound addition to the film archives of North America. I can only assume that it's just what it looks like. A movie made by a guy that has finally had the success to be able to have a little fun, while taking the opertunity to include a few of the friends he has relied on and enjoyed the success with in the past. The movie is intended to be fun, fun for the people that have seen all the other movies, fun for the people that got to participate in the other movies, as well as this one, and hopefully fun for anynewcomers to the Fucked up world of Kevin Smith.


If you swallow any claptrap that comes down the line and like it just because somebody tells you to, your a fucking simp.

Anyone who blindly worships anything set to celluloid or any other medium meerly for the fact that it was someone who you liked did it should be shot. (Same goes for religion and politics, come on... think for yourself)

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