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Posted by Paladex at on August 28, 2001 at 07:46:27:

After two viewings of "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back," I feel compelled to point out something that seems vaguely relevant. Stupid people don't think it's funny. In fact, I would venture to say that stupid (for clarification, I am using this somewhat unkind term to denote a low reasoning capacity and/or minimal knowledge base) people don't think ANY View Askew productions are funny.

So it's no wonder that Dogma dropped 51%, and that J&SB will probably be seen to have had an opening-heavy box office ... There probably aren't that many people who are simultaneously foul enough to think two hours of continuous profanity is funny and smart enough actually to get Kevin's jokes about sociology, pop culture and theology (especially the ones that refer to the earlier V.Askew films). Now, that's quite a bond ... In fact, I'd venture to say that virtually all of Kevin Smith's fans feel a certain kinship for the man, and - by extension - for each other. And that's loyalty, man ... So we all go en masse to the movie theaters on opening weekend, laugh ourselves silly, then go to work on Monday and recommend the film to our less-enlightened brothers and sisters, who probably won't go to see it, and then won't get it if they do.

So, in short, Kevin's lucky to have such a rabidly loyal fanbase of potty-mouthed cognoscenti, and we're all fortunate to have one of our own feeding chocolate-covered pretzels to an entertainment industry and mass culture that has no idea what it's eating.

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