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Posted by Jeff Bebe 37 at on August 28, 2001 at 02:45:23:

In Reply to: THE ASKEWNIVERES AWARDS posted by Don_Juan_DelLa_Nooch on August 28, 2001 at 02:06:22:

: By the Fans For The Fans

: Intro:
: Due in part to my recent nostalgia this is my personal way to pay
tribute to Kevin and all the Boys at View Askew I have put together this
little nominations list and I would like any one who can RE: this with
your picks in each catigory for whenever to whenever (I will let you
know each Day)and I will re-post every day this week and on
September 3rd or 4th I will tally the scores and let you all know
: -Wally

: Favorite Female:

: Rene-MallRats
: Catlin-Clerks (Veronica should be nominated NOT Caitlin!)
: Alyssa-Chasing Amy
: Bethany-Dogma
: Justice-Jay & Bob

I Pick Alyssa in 'Amy'

: Favorite Ben Affleck Character:

: Shannon-MallRats
: Holden-Chasing Amy
: Bartlby-Dogma
: Himself-Jay & Bob

I pick Affleck in............ Phantoms Yo! He was the bomb.
LoL no seriously i pick Him as Holden in 'Amy'

: Favorite Jason Lee Character:

: Brodie-MallRats
: Banky-Chasing Amy
: Azreal-Dogma

I pick Lee as Banky in 'Chasing Amy'
(sorry i just think Amy has the best acting out of all these characters,
cuz they arent really straight comedy roles, and i know clerks isnt
but.....amy got the better acting)

: Favorite Recuring Bloodlines:

: Jones'Sisters-Clerks/MallRats/Chasing Amy
: Randle/Brodie/Walt-Clerks/MallRats
: Willam(Moiser & Suplee)-Clerks/Mallrats
: Silent Bob/Olaf-Clerks

Gotta go with the Jones' Sistas

: Favorite Buddies:

: Randle & Dante-Clerks and Jay and Bob
: T.S. & Brodie-MallRats
: Banky & Holden-Chasing Amy
: Bartlby & Loki-Dogma
: Jay & Silent Bob-Clerks/MallRats/Chasing Amy/Dogma/Jay & Bob

Gotta go with Dante and Randal

: Favorite Non-Film Project:

: Clerks:TAS
: Bluntman & Cronic Comics
: Jay & Bob Comics
: Clerk Comics
: Mallrats Comics

Gotta go with Clerks:TAS

: Favorite Song From Soundtrack:

: Can't Even Tell-Soul Asylum-Clerks
: Suzanne-Weezer-MallRats
: Tube of Wonderful-David Pirner-Chasing Amy
: Kick Some Ass-Stroke 9-Jay & Bob

Suzanne by =w= from 'Rats

: Favorite Soundtrack:

: Clerks
: MallRats
: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Mallrats....Clerks is close, but 'Rats is my pick.

: Favorite Fictional Companies:

: Mooby
: Nails
: Chewlies
: Derris
-Drinkin' Baby Fine Liquors


: Favorite Star Wars Referance

: Death Star Contracters-Clerks
: Silent Bob Trying to move Cigerette-MallRats
: F**ked up bar-Dogma
: Mark Hamil-Jay & Bob
: Worst Mistake since Greedo...-Jay & Bob

Mark Hamil in Jay & Bob......Jay chops his hand off, "Not again"
c'mon how awesome is it for a Star Wars cast member to reference
Star Wars in a Kevin Smith flick?????
"i am a jedi master"

: Favorite DVD Comentary:

: Clerks
: MallRats
: Chasing Amy
: Dogma
: Clerks:TAS


: Favorite Supplementary Character

: Veronica-Clerks
: Rick Derris-Clerks
: Brandi-MallRats
: Hooper X-Chasing
: Rufus-Dogma
: Medatron-Dogma
-Cohee Lundin-Amy, '70's Jay & Bob

Cohee Lundin

: Favorite Villian:

: Lafours-MallRats
: Azreal-Dogma
: Golgothan (Shit Deamon)-Dogma
: Stigyian Triplets-Dogma
: CockKnocker-Jay & Bob
-Mr Svenning-Mallrats

My Pick is LaFours-Mallrats

: Favorite Deleted Scene:

: Dante's Death-Clerks
: Alternate Opening-MallRats
: Silent Bob Throws Jays Weed-Dogma
: Fat Albert Song-Dogma
: Write In:___________________Bethany's long birth control chat in

Azreal's extra long rant in Dogma is my pick

: And Finally The Big One

: Favorite Movie:

: Clerks
: MallRats
: Chasing Amy
: Dogma
: Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

-Chasing Amy Is my pick, its so hard to say go crazy thinkin
about it all day so ill just go with that. haha

: There it is folks thanks if you do participate also if i left out somthing
you tought should have been nominated please vote for it Thanx

: -Wally

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