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Posted by Negative Creep at 1cust203.tnt9.atl2.da.uu.net on August 28, 2001 at 02:23:59:

In Reply to: Mistakes InThe Timelines? posted by NateKappesser on August 28, 2001 at 02:03:44:

: #1- If Mallrats takes place the day after Julie Dwyer died, that would mean that Mallrats takes place on April 16, 1994, because according to the Lost Scene in Clerks, Julie Dwyer died on the 15th. And, Mallrats is supposed to be before Easter. HOWEVER- Easter of '94 was on the 3rd.

Dude, this is pretty anal, searching the date for Easter and all.
but here's a possible answer. My malls keeps up the Easter display all april long. So maybe the Eden Prarie mall does too.

(however, mallrats prolly does take place before easter. because T.S. thought the stage was for the easter bunny, and brodie said it was already built, so obviously, easter hadnt coem yet. Or perhaps TS was some heathen
who has no belief in christianity therefore, pasys no mind to the holidays)

: #2- On the day that Bethany meets Jay and Silent Bob, in Dogma, she says that she was at church yesterday. Which would mean "yesterday" was Sunday. But, according to Chasing Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob went to High School, along with a bunch of other students, the day before. Why would they go to school on a Sunday?

Well, most Catholic churches are open 24 hours a day seven days a week.
And they hold sermons during different days of the week.
And quite often at midnight too in some big cities.

(although you're prolly right, cause when Garafolo comes to work, there's a song playing that that says a YOU CAN KISS ME ON A MONDAY A MONDAY is VERY VERY GOOD)

'wonder's what'll become of Quiet Bob and the longhaired Boy'

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