Re: Any tidbits of genius you'd be willing to share?

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Posted by camrenroc21 at on August 28, 2001 at 02:20:40:

In Reply to: Re: Any tidbits of genius you'd be willing to share? posted by MollyBread on August 28, 2001 at 02:07:15:

: : : Let's see, I think my chances of getting a response are about as likely as being one of the four powerball winners, but oh well. Here goes. I love your writing. You have the Midas touch of comedic prose. What sort of process to you go through when you start something? I'll be graduating soon with a degree in creative writing and I've admired your work for years and I would love to adapt some of you technique. At least try, anyway. Do you have any tips? The way you mix "smart" humor with slapstick is beautiful. I think I am especially curious to read something of yours that DIDN'T work well. More than anything I'd like to pick your brain.

: : : Ever tried to get John Cusack in one of your movies?

: :
: : I'm not Kevin but I say write and start paying more attention to the things around you! People say and do stupid funny shit but you have to listen to understand it! Just a hint you can tell me to do whatever with myself it doesn't bother me

: Did you think I was going to insult you? Anyway, I love watching people make fools of themselves. College offers a great forum for that, too. Comedy is so tricky to pull off. It's too easy to be cliche and bland, as I fell a lot of comedy has become. In an article featuring Kevin doing a play by play of "A Man For All Seasons" he mentions how poppy and quick audiences want their entertainment. I find that frustrating because I'd like to think I am not only more intelligent than that, but also that my attention span can withstand more than the average 15 year old MTV viewer. But unfortunately they seem to be the demographic controlling the economy. Ugh.

I just know how some of these people are thats why I I left it open for attack! I create write direct and act its funny watching more than just college kids! They are use to making fulls of themselves! Its the people out in the real world I get a kick out of! My attention span sucks I hardly watch TV anymore but I what I do see is alot of things to make fun of and reality Tv is the best place to start thats what we based Wilderness Survivor The Game on reality Tv! We got 5 studios that want to see it so far! I do the credits tom and hope to have it out there real soon! I've written a bunch of sitcom stuff and other movie stuff and will start production on some of ot later this year! don't write a script over more than 3 times and remeber dialog sounds cheesy no matter how well its written! kevin is still predictable but he's funny! You can't get around being predictable the medium has been around for to long but what you can do is add new twist and make it more original thus giving it a feeling of being new! thats what my partner and I try to do and its worked well so far! I wish you the best of luck and feel free to email me if you would like! I'm the webmaster on the site below and I don't mind helping people out! You can get to the big site at the links to see how I work with film students ad well! Well I gotta run and try to get some sleep so I can type all these credits and get the names right till next time peace love and what ever turns you on or makes you happy- Greg

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