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Posted by Negative Creep at on August 28, 2001 at 02:05:23:

In Reply to: Questions for Kev posted by Viewy Askew on August 28, 2001 at 01:36:35:

: 1) In the movie, when Jay and your-self were in the van with your wife and the other chicks and Jay made the reference to Silent Bob ďBusting his first cherryĒ at Quick Stop, was that a real life reference>?

I don't think Kevin busted his cherry at the Quick Stop.
i think it's just a reference to just how much time those two clowns
spend at the Qucik Stop. However, someone Kevin knew mighta gotten
laid there, I wouldn't put it past people from Jersey.

: 3) How did you get your start with Clerks, did you just go to Miramax and put it on some guys desk, did you have friends in the bizz>?

He entered it at Film festivals.

: And if it was friends in the bizz, would you be my friend in the film industry>?

Dude, MAKE a MOVIE first. Then you can show it to someone like Kevin or John Pierson. But you gotta do all the hard work yourself.

: 6) What advice can you give me, I want to be a film maker, like your-self, but I donít know how to go about it besides film school, and even thatís a little shaky because I want to go to a good film school but I donít have one here in Rhode Island, so where can you say is a good film school, or even the one you went to>?

Kevin went to film school in Canada. Just a couple a months, it wasn't the thing for him. but he's repeatedly said, that school DOESN'T hurt.
As for good Schools, any major metroplises have good film schools. Try New York, California, even Gay old Miami, where Im From Has two Good film schools. 92% of the graduates of UM get hired in the industry.
then we also have IFAC.
Even the re-re's who go to the community colleges down here
find local jobs in television.

: 7) Alright, last one, I have a couple of scripts Iím trying to write, but I am focused on one of them at this point in time, but I canít get it to go anywhere, at least in my opinion I canít, so is there anyway I could e-mail, or even snail-mail you a copy of it and maybe if you get some time you could read it over and give me some pointers on the dialog and such, I would love for you to do that, but it would be understandable if you couldnít, just let me know>?

You can mail it to me. I'll read it. And then I'll steal all the good parts.

The only thing for you to do, is collaborate with someone in your hometown to get it finished if you have to. Even if you cant find another writer, throw some ideas at your best bud (y'know the funny one), and ask him how he would react in that situation.

But Kevin won't read your script. All sorts of legal issues.

Finish it up, Copyright it.
Try to get an Agent.

If you can't afford one, then mail it to all the big and small studios out there.

Some intern might read it. And she might get someone else to read it.

It's all a crapshoot from there.

But other than making the film yourself, it's the only choice you have.

Turning it into a comic, might not be a bad idea either.
it'll give the studios a visual.

Or you just might get it done over at smalls imprints like ONI.

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