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Posted by punkmonkey75 at on August 28, 2001 at 01:54:34:

In Reply to: Re: Religious stuff... posted by camrenroc21 on August 28, 2001 at 01:11:44:

: : I already posted this, but me being me, well, just read it...
: : -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
: : I don't understand. Who decides what is vulgar and what is not? If a
particular group thinks a certain way...well, I suppose that's what
followers are for, huh? To believe what they are supposed to believe.
: : As for this vulgar language stuff, well, the American government
decided what language is vulgar. Certain groups obviously can't
disagree, so they go along with it.

: : Mista Smith, you keep it up. Your films are comedies, and damned
if I don't laugh my ass off every time I watch em. Hell, if you make
dramas, even action films, I'll be first in line on opening day.

: : I don't know if this quote would apply to anyone who reads this, but
here goes...
: : "I ain't religious, but I love God".
: : -Unknown

: A better way to put it is that you believe in God just not in organized
religion! I won't get to much into the argument but religion and
government have always worked hand in hand! Religion is the best
way to controll the flock or the sheep as I like to put it! Thats why
Political correctness sucks so bad and why I enjoyed the movie!

Got news for you, slappy: Christians thing political correctness
sucks, too! If you think the government is always on religions side,
then man, you just ain't payin' attention. Organized religion does
suck, but a relationship with Christ...that can't be beat!

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