Perfect J&SB commercial

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Posted by 37dicks at on August 28, 2001 at 01:36:54:

The hubby and I were partying one night and I came up with a commercials-that-I-would-like-to-see list and when I think of a certain one, I picture jay and silent bob. Picture this. J&SB sitting on the couch smoking pot (of course, silent bobs part is only "implied") but jay puffs away and chatters about the things that...well, jay chatters about. With the munchies setting in, jay goes for the big bag of double stuffed oreos, cramming one after another in his mouth. With a full and now dry mouth he heads for the fridge, opens it, and lets out a blood curdling scream. Bob jumps off the couch and rushes in to see jay sitting on the floor in front of the open fridge with an empty jug then on the screen flashes... "Got Milk"?
Trust me, it was funny at the time.

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