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Posted by punkmonkey75 at on August 28, 2001 at 01:36:00:

In Reply to: Here's my view... posted by Bluntmans other sidekick on August 28, 2001 at 01:14:00:

: Here's how I see it. You've said that Kevin has had some great
parts and dialouge, I agree. I don't mind the vulgar language, but
think of it like this. Kevin almost always has a great point in his
movies. He brings in fans who like or don't care about vulgar
language to see his movies. After the movie, these "sinners" are left
with a meaningful message for them to think about. If he changed
the dialouge he'd get a new audience. One who's souls are
somehow cleaner for not liking vulgar language. He'd be giving a
meaningful point to a group who's faith is enough for them to be
happy with. It's like this, he uses a little sin to help the "sinners"
instead of preaching a message to those who don't need it.

Hmmm...Very good and interesting points, there, Sidekick! The thing
that disturbs me is all the fans of his who think the sexual vulgarities
and cursing is the funniest thing! They all post how they "laugh their
asses off" at it. I don't mind vulgar language in moderation, and
sometimes it is even funny. But SO much of it is just overwhelming!
Am I just an old fashioned guy? I'm only 26, but I feel like a codger
here! You don't have to be vulgar to be funny, but that seems like the
rule these days. What do you think?

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