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Posted by Troyfilm (NetSolo) at acaec583.ipt.aol.com on August 28, 2001 at 01:32:58:

In Reply to: temporary track, what do you mean? posted by LennonLives on August 28, 2001 at 01:24:19:

When flicks are still in post-production and the rights haven't been secured to music, the producers of the flick put what's called a "temporary soundtrack" behind the film. For example, in the original Star Wars, when George Lucas took the film to John Williams, Lucas had already set the film to classical music giving Williams an idea of the tones and orchestrations that he wanted to use.

In the case of Jay and Bob, they probably set the music in place but couldn't obtain the rights to it (For example, there was a Beastie Boys track over the scene in Dogma when Jay's driving Beth's car, VA couldn't get the rights and it was replaced. Several times if memory serves me correctly.)

It sounds to me that the working prints that VA showed to test audiences had Weezer on the soundtrack (I vividly remember someone even saying that they saw one of the test screenings and they mentioned Weezer on the soundtrack, but I thought they said it was "Suzanne") and maybe Rivers and crew didn't want the track attached to the flick and presto, it was replaced.

Hope this helps a bit.


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