i'm back although no one noticed or cared

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Posted by o9mmrocks at h00009498a0aa.ne.mediaone.net on August 28, 2001 at 00:37:00:

i havent been on this board(or any internet board) in a real long time. it's not really my thing, but the greatness of jay and silent bob strike back and the just the general excitement and goings on has inspired me to return at least periodacly(which i know is spelled wrong) not then anyone really gives a fuck but i loved J&SBSB, its my fav of the series so far. i only saw it once(the sneak preview showing)but im going again tomorrow or weds. and from what everyone around these parts are saying it holds up excellent on repeat viewings, which is what i figured.
i also just read kev's little cartoon in the new york times magazine...good shit. anyone notice everyframe(actually almost every frame) he is wearing the t-shirt of a different marvel charecter(or the marvel logo itself)?
this post has turned into a huge waste of time as i already posted my review of the flick on newsaskew way back a week ago. this is really just my post to declare i am back.
although as previously stated no one noticed or cared about my absence. i hope to post more informative/helpful/relevant in the future.

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