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Posted by slaphappypappy at 24-168-3-31.nyc.rr.com on August 28, 2001 at 00:18:28:

why is dante only in clerks as dante, then in mallrats as suitor number #3?dante introduced the world to snowballing. you got to respect the snowball king. and what is with rick derris. can you ask rick his secrets, how can i fuck a girl on a gaming table? will the mystery man, mr. derris, ever appear in a view a skew film, or are we all left to wonder who this great man is?


PS. good story for you. while at a porno industry convention i was in an elevator with legendary ron jeremy. picture this, just me and the porno king himself in an elevator, complete silence. what could i have said, "i like your style?" so i said nothing. ron then turns to me with a straight face and asks "how do you get a dog to stop humping your leg?" in shock, i was speachless. he then replies, "blow him!" and gets off the elevator, preserving his stature in my heart.

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