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Posted by crabby at on August 28, 2001 at 00:17:53:

Hi, last year I got to you hear you speak at a writer's conference at the
Wyndam Bel Age in Beverly Hills. I really liked your "F" the establishment
attitude. Your frankness when you addressed the group was very encouraging.
Every other writer/director and agent that spoke over the 2 day event
consistently told us how difficult "breaking in" would be. They placed a
lot of importance on where you lived and who you knew and made it quite
clear that almost nothing could be accomplished without a good agent or
manager yet none of them were willing to help. I particularly liked the
comments you made about CAA, especially since the following day one of
their representatives was at the conference. To hear you get up there and
say "if you want to make a movie than make a movie" and "if you want to put
your friends in the movie than put your friends in the movie" I live in
Cleveland, Ohio and dread the thought of having to set up some kind of
permanent residence in LA. So, I have been entering screen writing
contests posted on I found out in June that a pilot I
wrote won 1st place, however so far the meetings with agents, managers and
production houses have not happened, in fact nobody from the contest has
contacted me since the original notification. I am still hopeful that
Fearless Leader Productions and Merv Griffin entertaniment will follow
through with their promises.
Anyway, I noticed that on your site there is the option to book you for a
personal appearance. Obviously, I am not a college or organization, but if
I were somehow able to come up with the fee charged, could I book you for
an afternoon? I would love to be able to talk with you one on one which is
something that was not possible at the conference.
I appreciate you taking the time to get back to me, and I look forward to
hopefully hearing from you soon.

PS. I paid my $7 to see Jay and Silent Bob on Sunday, it was great!! Please
use that $7 toward

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