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Posted by Brodie_God at on August 28, 2001 at 00:17:38:

In Reply to: Close, but no cigar posted by Kevin on August 27, 2001 at 13:32:55:

Kevin, yes, we were entertained.

And that's the real point of it all, right? To entertain the faithful and to give the mighty Jason Lee an outlet for his awesomeness? My only criticisms are obvious...not enough Jason Lee (though i'm sure the DVD release will make up for that, just as it was with the Dogma SE release), and not "Kevin Smithy" enough. But in a film where the protagonists are a loveable foulmouth with no moral compass and a pseudo-mute (btw, that one rant at Mewes about the truck sign had the audiences i've seen it with in "fit-me-for-Depends" peals of laughter; pretty much the same with the climactic legal rant - and as a lawyer, i was especially tickled (in the good way)), it just can't go the same dialogue-driven route that so many "I liked 'Clerks' but the rest suck" fans call for.

I'll be seeing it yet again, and again, and again, at least weekly until the run dies out. Thankfully, the LI area theatres tend to hold on to Smith picks until the bitter end, even "Mallrats" (my personal fave - is it obvious that i'm a mark for Lee yet?)...

Oh, and Kev, nice little add-in to have Daredevil flipping around like a mofo in the Miramax lot...

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