Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

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Posted by Clam at on August 27, 2001 at 23:38:46:

Good Job Guys


Gratuitous shots of independent & intelligent women in tight latex
bodysuits! What more of a reason do you need to blow $7.00 for an
evening at the theatre? On the other hand, if you’re homophobic or
are easily offended by excessive and obsessive references to same
sex oral pleasure , then perhaps you need to rethink you viewing
choice. However, the double-barreled sneak peak of Good Will
Hunting II takes the edge off the constant vulgarities and the focus on
drugs and such that take it permanently off the "family film" list. But,
even with all this, Mark Hamill and his giant hand gives a good
comedic moment, then you see he holding a dildo light saber. Then,
of course, you have these girls in tight, latex body suits . . . we mean
a cute, furry orangutan with a tranquilizer gun who binds Jay to his
one true love he met in a burger joint as she admired his cup. Add
into the mix, one zany wildlife officer (Will Ferrell) and an overly
excessive racist black director (did we mention that the tight latex
bodysuits were black – and shiny too!) And we must not forget all the
cameos like George Carlin and Carrie Fisher (she wore a little gold
bikini once but never a latex body suit.) Then there’s Chris Rock, Wes
Craven, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, that guy from Dawson’s Creek and
the guy that had sex with the warm apple pie – not to forget the
Scooby Doo Gang (Dubbie Snacks) and the list goes on. Though the
beginning is excessively slow, the film plays out as a fairly decent
road trip comedy and it has girls in extra tight black latex bodysuits.
We can’t say it’s a must see, but it’s a good way to support the
independent film franchise. And finally: a warning. Parents, if you do
decide to go, get a baby sitter – they have those ratings for a good

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