Re: Kevin, your 15 minutes is almost up...

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Posted by VIVIsectR-ist at on August 27, 2001 at 23:35:28:

In Reply to: Kevin, your 15 minutes is almost up... posted by Not a Dilettante on August 27, 2001 at 23:04:46:

Now that is humor! Wow, you'd think a guy from jersey like yourself would
be a real man and step down to the stash if you have such strong feelings
against the man. I mean what did you do loser, sign up for the board just
to spout your vitriol, and then bust a move to the rear of the gay porn
theater before you took it in the ass by some bubba with genital warts? I
guess what's funniest is that your sorry ass paid for the film in the first
place, and judging from your comments either rent Dogma on a routine basis,
or paid for it out right - lemme guess, you jerk off when Jay gets busted
by Rufus for jerking off while thinking about other guys, come on you can
admit it - who really has the last laugh here, eh, douche? I think what
angers you, if I had to put my Bob Newhart hat on, is that your steroid use
is way out of control, which in turn hampers the reasoning areas of the
brain, or you have a raging Oedipal thing going and Smith is your
Daddy...Now to attack the mans wife shiiiite, dude, thats overboard
especially for gay trailer trash like yourself...but if you really thought
that Smith and Mewes would step to you then you really aren't familiar with
the Universe you're dealing with. The man has sick fucking friends and
cousins - not to mention with cash like his, a little payola in the right
direction and you'd be over - who would only be too pleased to erase you.
You think this man just hopped off the turnip truck and landed in the good
ole Garden State? Shit, dude has friends from Elizabeth and Jersey City
aching to shake off the dust and put the wood to you....Door step, I'd
watch out for the footsteps....

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