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Posted by Chewie1138 at on August 27, 2001 at 23:18:33:

In Reply to: Close, but no cigar posted by Kevin on August 27, 2001 at 13:32:55:

Mr. Smith, Kevin, Kev,
Let me just start out by saying that I have not been a fan from the beginning. It was just recently that I discovered my first View Askew film, Dogma(Which I think is one of the best movies of all time). From there I screened the other Askewniverse flicks and was absolutely hooked. Then I find out about J&SBSB and I impatiently wait with anticipation. I'm also a huge Star Wars fan, not unlike yourself, and August 24, 2001 rang in my head just as May 19, 1999 did 2 years before. That is how myself and many others viewed this movie, Mr. Smith.
And you definitely delivered.
I know you have said that this movie was for the fans, but I didn't know that there were going to be this many inside jokes!(not that it's a bad thing) Whenever a crossover or related line was introduced, I felt that for one moment, I was part of an elite group that knew all the right answers. But, what I belive is most important, my friend, who had never had the pleasure of watching one of your films was laughing at the same things for a different reason. His reason, "It was so relevant to the context of the movie" he said.
And at the end, I felt so sad knowing that this was going to be the last new film with Jay Phatbuds and Silent "Schuler" Bob. It was as if I was watching the end of Episode III! When there are no more J&SB films, it will be like when there are no more Star Wars films.
Anyway, thank you. That's basically what I'm trying to convey (if without brevity). Oh, and if I had to describe J&SBSB in two words:

Friggin' Hilarious!

I hopw that is what you were going for.

Chewie 1138

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