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Posted by SilntBob at on August 27, 2001 at 23:15:47:

In Reply to: Close, but no cigar posted by Kevin on August 27, 2001 at 13:32:55:

: First off, the day we mourn an 11.1 million dollar opening is the day I want out of this business.

Well said :)

: Yes - first place would've been nice. Shit, it was almost do-able. But it wasn't in the cards, apparently, and that's okay. Opening to double digits with a movie this inside is a-okay in my book.

That's a great attitude. You seem to be one of the more down to earth directors out there, you had a flick like Clerks that did better than it was expected, and now look where you are, still the same old Kevin Smith four films later :)

: And the real tale, anyway, will be told next week. Let's just pray it doesn't repeat the 'Dogma' second week drop (51%), and instead, hold in there with a 30% or less drop.

I sadly didn't even see Dogma till a month after its release, at the time I was under the "R" rated age so it was a bit hard to get in. I had to keep trying to buy a ticket until one day they finally didn't card me. But I had no trouble seeing Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, now that I'm 17 they never even card me, its like they know X_X I took friends to see it on Friday night, and it was me and my girlfriend's date-flick on Saturday. We're both obsessed Silent Bob/Jay fans X_X

: But remove the figures and all (because, let's face it - the movie's going to make it's money back and then some; especially with video) and concentrate on what really matters...

When I noticed the budget was $12 million I knew you'd make it back.

: Were you entertained?

You could read a book about tools and nails and I'd be entertained.

: I've been combing through the last few boards (good Lord, we're going through them quickly lately, aren't we?), and the majority of you were, indeed, happy with the flick. Some cats weren't (hey, what do you want me to say? No flick's for everyone), but largely, folks dug it. That makes us here at the home office very happy.

Everyone I know has dug it, anyone who hasn't needs to eat my shit then shit so I can eat their shit which is made up of my shit.

: Many thanks to those who did double and triple duty (hell, even single duty). You're posters are waiting for you when you send in your stubs.

I did double duty, I would have done triple in the same weekend but I'm broke. I'm seeing it again next weekend.

: If you feel so inclined, hit the flick again next weekend. That'd be nice.

Already am.

: So please - no long faces. We've done well. I'm happy. Very, very happy.

I'm happy, it's nice to see a good movie in the Top 5 once in a while :)

: And while it was nice to have the number one movie in the country for a night, to be honest, it didn't alter my existence. All I cared about was if you guys dug the flick, and beyond that, if *I* dug the flick.

That's whats important :)

: And I did. Very much. Always have, and always will.

That's nice of you. I hate most of my student films I make, only reason I like them is because I created them. But usually when I get passed all that I still turn out hating them.

: But now it's no rest for the weary, and right back to the drawing board. If all goes smoothly, we'll be shooting again in Feb/March - just as 'Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back' should be hitting the video stores (unless Bob decides to go for the Christmas release).

I noticed you were directing Fletch Won, I can't wait.

: And then, of course, there's the cartoon flick next year.

Since the series was cancelled ;_;

: Which, if you think this movie was for the fans...Hoo-boy, you ain't seen nothin' yet.


- Bruce

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