Jay & Silent Bob- Thankyou adn Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by SnackyCakes at cbl246.pool011.ch001-riverside.dhcp.hs.earthlink.net on August 27, 2001 at 23:00:57:

The revenge of Jay and Silent Bob is a sucessful and fitting end to the Kevin Smith films under veiw askew preductions. The film treats the loyal fans with well written and extremely humorous dialouge, outstanding starwars references, asthetically perfect women, inside jokes( which bare roots in previous Smith films and cause the audeince to feel as if they apart of the askewuniverse itself while linking all past Smith films), and the ever essential Snootch to the MuthaF@##in' Nootch as are characteristrc of the Smith films. All of these traits makes this movie required veiwing for any seasoned Kevin Smith and Jason Mues fan as well as a must see for all others since it is the last chapter in a tolm of raunchy dick and drug jokes, which when pushed aside, reveal insighful messages on complex and abstract topics such as love and faith . However, in my opinion, the most notable message of this last film is not a personal revalation or ideal on some transidental yet universal facet of life, but an explanation of why one cannot maintain a career of monotonous creation and self-imposed cliche production, no matter how popular or fruitful this work maybe. This cloaked message paralles the film's more obivious and blatant attack on the insisently trite theatrical practices of Hollywood. In short, The Revenge of Jay and Silent Bob is a comedically excellent film that forces a smile on ones face, and a tear in ones heart.

p.s.- sorry for any miss spellings, I wrote this reveiw while high!!!!

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