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Posted by t o m at on August 27, 2001 at 22:59:00:

It's kinda funny that Brodie chides Jay and Bob for not knowing what's common knowledge to every Askewniverse fanboy--that there is going to be a "Bluntman & Chronic" flick--and yet he directs our heroes to Holden McNeil as if he didn't know that Holden had sold his half of the property and had no part in the film. Even Alyssa Jones knows that Holden's name isn't on the film (although she only states this after the movie has been released).
Of course, one must consider Sups' fanboy from "Chasing Amy" who clearly knows that Holden was no longer a part of "Bluntman & Chronic." Would an anal retentive bastard like Banky really know less than that guy?

What else?

--Did you guys manage to keep the crew out of the tranquilizer gun glass? There was a suspicious flash of light reflected (well, I thought I saw it) and I wasn't sure if that was crew or merely part of the set.

--So, where do Jay and Bob live anyway? Do they just indefinately couch surf?

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