I thought it was great for true fans' enjoyment

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Posted by chewlies_gum_rep at pppa83-resalegarymetro17-1r7980.dialinx.net on August 27, 2001 at 22:53:23:

In Reply to: Close, but no cigar posted by Kevin on August 27, 2001 at 13:32:55:

: But remove the figures and all (because, let's face it - the movie's going to make it's money back and then some; especially with video) and concentrate on what really matters...

: Were you entertained?

Yes, I was. Even though I had to review J&SBSB for the campus newspaper, I did enjoy the movie. I tried not to make my review sound too biased, but I was honest. Kev, I think you did this movie for the fans, which is a good thing. And it was cool to see the supporting characters who have been a constant in your previous films FINALLY get a starring role, because if anyone who likes your movies and is NOT a die-hard fan who regularly checks out message boards like this...let's put it this way. Those fans I just mentioned call these movies "Those movies with Jay and Silent Bob in them." Jay and Silent Bob are like a household name, in my opinion. And because I liked the movie so much, and since I don't want to have to sit through and take notes....I'm going to go and see it again so I can laugh my ass off like a good fan! (Heh...I'll probably go see it as many times as I saw the others in the theaters...saw "Mallrats" 2 times, "Chasing Amy" 3 times, and "Dogma" 4 times.)

: I've been combing through the last few boards (good Lord, we're going through them quickly lately, aren't we?), and the majority of you were, indeed, happy with the flick. Some cats weren't (hey, what do you want me to say? No flick's for everyone), but largely, folks dug it. That makes us here at the home office very happy.

Heh...most message boards are like that. Anything remotely new happens and fans jump on those message boards and POST POST POST!!!!

Well, great movie, and I can't wait for it to come out on VHS or DVD. Good job, Kevin!!

--Holly, the friendly neighborhood Chewlies Gum Rep

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