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Posted by Piscez at 24-216-166-121.hsacorp.net on August 27, 2001 at 22:40:23:

Well, I saw J&SBSB twice (so far), first on Friday, then on Saturday. So I (and my girlfriend) are entitled to the free mini-poster. Except the first night we saw the movie, we saw it at a crappy local theater. They gave us generic little tickets, amusement park ride tickets. And plus we threw them away like we always do.
Should I try to ask for the poster anyway? Dammit.
Plus, the second time we saw it, we dragged along a non-fan. Tried to drag along a fourth person but she didn't want to see it (didn't like Chasing Amy, stupid dumbass. Also, she once backed my car into a bridge.)

Great movie though. Damn it was good.
The only thing that really bugs me is how it ripped off the comic. Kev, don't you have any appreciation for continuity? Jay and Silent Bob met Suzzanne on their way to Illinois in 1996. How the fuck did the exact same thing happen and they not remember it? It bugs me. You could have had Jay and Silent Bob run into Suzanne again, and like, flashback or something. Could have done something funny, made fun of bad flashback scenes or something. But hey. I'm not the one making 11.1 mil. The scenes work great in the movie. Its just obsessive geeks like me who care.

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