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Posted by Nonchalant_Productions at on August 27, 2001 at 22:32:56:


My name is Jeremy Johnson. I am 17 years old, and I live in Charlottesville, VA. For fun, I like to write, direct, and, well, make my own movies, and I plan on pursuing this as a career.

Now, I know what you're thinking. you're thinking I'm going to say "what's you're advice to aspiring filmmakers like myself?"

well, you're wrong!! SO STOP THINKING THAT!! :)

Anyway, I haven't seen many of your fact, the only one I've seen IS Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back! but, oh well!

well, I just wanted to tell you that my friend David and I thoroughly enjoyed it. (he's a filmmaker as well, but he's more of a freak about it than I am!)

There was just one minor setback that we both think could be changed in your future films.

I don't wanna sound like an old lady here....but, what's with all the F bombs? I have nothing against swearing, but I think that anyword, swear word or not, shouldn't be said that much in anything!! It's....just boring!

But, don't get me wrong! it actually didn't ruin the film! it was funny and enjoyable despite that! but, when you say it every 5 lines, it gets a little redundant. that's all.

other than that, keep up the good work!! :)

Jeremy Johnson
Nonchalant Productions

P.S. if you'd like to know about any films that I'm working on, drop me a line:

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