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Posted by Exit 21 at cs6668191-225.austin.rr.com on August 27, 2001 at 21:20:36:

In Reply to: Close, but no cigar posted by Kevin on August 27, 2001 at 13:32:55:

Hey, I wish it had been bigger, but it could've been worse! The theater I saw it in (Austin, TX) had a very full and diverse audience. My wife ( a so-so fan) laughed her ass off the whole time! The whole audience just loved it and there was a lot of applause at the end (and how often does that happen any more?) As I thought about it, even though it had so much inside stuff, it still plays to the broadest audience of any of the flicks so far. Clerks left out all the people who thought it was a good idea to colorize Casablanca, Mallrats left out everybody who hated Shannon Dougherty (which is everyone), Chasing Amy?! C'mon, a lesbian flick with no girl on girl action? Didn't stand a chance! Dogma left out people who don't realize you can make fun of and question something, while still giving the idea merit at the same time. Well... This movie just offends people who don't like the use of the word fuck, and secretly, everyone likes the use of the word fuck! So this movie really appeals to everyone!
Seriously, it is the best made of all the movies. The review I read mentioned the lack of visual interest in the shots, and I know that's been a lament of Kevin's and reviewers, so I expected that. But this movie was very interesting and rich visually, especially considering the budget. Besides, a Kevin Smith movie shouldn't be too polished...it's about the words and ideas, not about the pretty pictures anyway. But watching this movie made me think what a great way to show the world that KS can make a kick ass action, comic book type movie and would add some intelligence and fun to it. These movies always take themselves way to seriously! Shit, these are fucking comic books! They are supposed to be fun, sometimes a little cheesy, sometimes a little scary and exciting, but definitely fun (with maybe some intelligent thought thrown in?). So I hope some movie type guys with an ounce of intelligence ( I know, but we can hope!) will see it and offer Kevin some great comic book property and give him a HUGE budget (like $30 million? Hey, that's huge for Kevin!) and make a fun, kick ass, money making, moderately budgeted movie that people actually like! Well one can dream!

So, in a nutshell, new movie is the funniest yet, and I think appeals to the broadest audience. I still like Clerks the best (hey, it was the first), Chasing Amy may be the best made and engrossing film ( the only one my wife really gets into...hmm, I hope it's Ben Affleck she likes) Dogma is the most thought provoking and interesting, and Mallrats is the one everyone wants to forget (but I don't get it. Now I've only seen it once, but hey, I liked it! It was different, funny, kinda gross at times...I will never eat a choclate pretzel again...and it was the logical progression after Clerks. It had to be made to get to Chasing Amy. You know, almost every sophomore effort gets the shaft, and I think that's what happened here.) So this is the move that everyone can like (even if they don't know it or go see it.) I personally paid $7.75 to see this movie and I can't tell you how long it's been since I've paid full price (well, the last time it only cost $4.50, so you figure it out). Sorry I didn't go on Saturday, but if I had known I woulda thought about it.

Anyway, it's gonna do what it's gonna do. Remember, you have a guy fucking a pie to compete with. I'm sorry, but Jay's pimply ass just doesn't quite compare. Maybe in the next flick a man can screw a rye bread? No, wait, Woody Allen already did that. Shit, all the best stuff is already taken.

BTW- Kevin needs to give himself a good speaking part in the next one...the best parts of any of the movies are when Silent Bob finally speaks. He always gets the best stuff (hmmm, maybe he knows the writer?).

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