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Posted by Big Bopper at pm3hgr2-150-129.intrepid.net on August 27, 2001 at 21:17:08:

In Reply to: JASBSB was garbage that is why it failed! posted by accchap on August 27, 2001 at 19:49:37:

: Look, I'm not pulling any punches, so grab your keyboards to call me the very expected: fag,pole-smoker,poser,not a true fan and all the other crap (pretending you are Jay and actually talk that way at work, school and everyday life). The problem was the sneak preview weekend. Word of mouth killed this movie. Getting your ass handed to you by 2 movies that everyone already saw is saying alot more than any of you all that drink the Kool-aid of Kevin Smith will ever get. It was terrible, it had a lame story like "Bubble Boy"..... I have to travel and stop the wedding, I have to travel and stop the movie. Heads up, Road Trip did the "we have to stop this" plot already. Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Clerks, and Dogma all were very great and very watchable. They had little inside comments and nods to sci-fi and comic fans alike that were veiled. Throwing a preview before every movie that made it appear as a Star Wars spoof with Hamill didn't help either (already done with Space Balls). Huge Let down Kevin, bad movie Kevin, retire Kevin, goodbye for now.

Dude, this a little harsh is it not? Comparong comic genious to "Bubble Boy"? While I agree, the story material was not the strongest Kevin has ever written, the intent of the sotry was to make you laugh to celebrate all that is Askew. The movie is a huge winner in that department. The only thing missing was Brian O'Halloran playing 8 different parts. To call this a classic "road trip" movie is unfair too. These are established charchters, unlike most flix whose road trips take place with charchters we dont connect with yet. Also to say it was touted as a Star Wars spoof is way off base. Can you show me the promotions that even had Hamill in them? The movie was downright funny, which was Kevin's intent(i assume), and although the story wasnt strong, I was entertained, as were most people it appears. SO sir, you need to retire from being one of the no talent losers, living in your mothers basement, bitching about movies and downloading porn that were mentioned in the movie. Laugh at something, it'll make you feel better.

bopper out

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