I loved J&SBSB, but....

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Posted by GTJDorris at pka50.eastnet.gatech.edu on August 27, 2001 at 21:15:13:

yes, there is a but. I can see why other fans (and yes I do mean real true honest FANS) might not like it. It was different than all the other flicks. It was kinda like a live action cartoon. It wasn't as someone else mentioned story driven. Ergo, the jokes are different. The jokes were written in, instead of stemming from the plot (yes Mallrats had a plot). But I actually liked this movie better the second time. Kevin Smith has affected my life (positively) in so many ways. Much the same way he thanks John Hughes, Spike Lee, etc. Now, I'm not trying to become a movie maker, but he's helped me through his example and his words to realize where I wanna go. That being said, I'm thoroughly obsessed with EVERYTHING View Askew. So if you're like me, stop and look at the flick. It's obvious this was just on big 'celebration of life' for The Askewniverse. Laugh, smile, just be happy knowing that it exists. I'll admit I said it was my favorite movie of all time after leaving the theater on Friday night, but deep inside I felt let down. But now that I thought about it, this movie means a lot to me because I feel that I'm a part of it. I post on here, I read newsaskew.com, I saw the spoiler pics, I heard Kevin's words from the set every other day as he told us about what was going on. So Kevin, THANK YOU. I can honestly say I'll never cherish any other movie experience as much as this one, because I and all of us that are obsessed, board-posting, internet-time-wasting geeks are a part of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back forever. No one else has ever even tried to integrate me into a movie let alone by the man that I most admire/revere and who has taught me so much about writing, comedy, sexuality, sensitivity, and the value of getting off your ass and "doing something." So I say it again.....THANK YOU KEVIN SMITH.

Jon Do

p.s. sorry for the long-winded post, but i felt i needed to say it.

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