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Posted by The Misdirected at on August 27, 2001 at 21:14:05:

well, here is my shortened, amature review of the jersey "trilogy", more specifically jay and silent bob strike back, since i just saw it last night. i guess i will direct this to kevin.

you are one of my biggest inspirations to become a film director that i haven't met. (i know a few independent film directors, some teachers, drama teacher etc...) fuck spielburg....his productions are huge, because he has money, and likes to spend it. although i'm entertained, it's hard to relate to dinosaurs, and aliens. fuck ron howard....he's bald and isn't "cute" anymore.'re movies are great.

i enjoyed j&sb strike back a lot. i think it is your funniest movie so far. dogma is my favorite, but although it was hilarious, it's real purpose wasn't comedy. i love how everything was tied together, and how the people who have seen your movies and follow your movies got more jokes than some one who heard it made fun of the gay comunity, and thought it would be funny. on that note, i was not rubbed the wrong way by any gay joke made.("for the record i ain't gay"). same goes with dogma, only with religion. i am a practicing prodestant, and although i do not practice customs of the catholic church, it's really all the same. i was not offended by anything in that fact it opened my mind and helped me grasp what my faith is about. clerks- slacker guys working at a convenience store....who can't relate with putting up with the general public's stupidity? (i'm a fan of the black and white) mall rats....who can't relate to playing video games, spending days at the mall with out buying shit. chaising amy- relationships. you know your audience, and you do great work. you have great respect among myself, my friends, people who visit this website, and the view askew family. i admire you for your great work, your values an being able to stand up for them, your acceptance of even the craziest of christians. thank you very much for hours of entertainment.

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