why Kevin is the man..

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Posted by Steve W. at proxy1-external.nash1.tn.home.com on August 27, 2001 at 21:04:11:

ok, I know most people that read this board already know this, but I gotta represent here. Kevin rules.. why? Because I'm sooo tired of seeing movie sequels that are so fucking watered down just so people that aren't familiar with the subject matter will understand it. The new Jay & Bob flick is so packed full of shit that only the fans understand.. but even if someone who isn't a fan goes in to see this they will still laugh, plus they will more than likely be interested in seeing all the other Jay & Bob flicks. Making a movie for fans rather than non-fans is the best way to go, because not only do you keep the respect of loyal fans, but also gain it from new fans. This puts Kevin ABOVE George Lucas in my book. Yup. No I'm not just kissing ass. Honestly, if Lucas had this mindset when he made Episode I, how much better would it be? A shitload better and we all know it. Anywho the new flick is great, my only complaint is that at times I was laughing so hard it caused me to miss some of the dialogue, but hey that's a good reason to go see it again! =D Take care all

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