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Posted by Jer Osborne at on August 27, 2001 at 20:32:57:

First off, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was hilarious. Although it did not snag the number one spot, $11.1 million is a hell of a nice opening weekend, is it not? Almost five times better than what Mallrats pulled in during it's cinematic occupancy. Besides, has anyone seen the numbers for Canada? I'm interested in finding out how much View Askew is appreciated up in the Great White North.
Four friends and myself all went to J&SBSB on Friday night, and barely managed to get five seats in a row. The theatre was about 95% packed, but it was the last showing of the evening (9:55). After working a full day on Saturday, where I regaled my co-workers with stories of the movie (especially Jay's Rap-"Who smokes the blunts? We smoke the blunts!"), I went and did what every Canadian kid does. Went out with my friends and drank a lot of beers. In the morning, I checked out the View Askew board to read the praises from your fans and from your critics. Then I came across the consecutive ticket date prize giveaway. I did not go to the flick on Saturday, but myself and three different others went to see the afternoon show. Am I positively excluded? I'm not going to raise a ruckus or anything, but having a signed mini-poster is one thing that I wouldn't mind bragging about.
Either way, I'm a happy camper after seeing the film which was a fantastic ode to the Askewniverse. I almost wet my pants when I saw Snowball at the end, and actually found myself in tears four (4) times. I purchased the soundtrack today (which is also pretty decent), but was disheartened not to find Jasons Lee and Mewes doin' their little musical duet at the beginning of the movie.
The DVD for J&SBSB will surely be badass. Although it is months away, I can't wait to save up for a DVD player, and then get a copy of J&SBSB.
Lastly, does anyone know if any people from View Askew are going to be in attendance at the 26th annual Toronto Film Festival, which runs from September 6th-15th? I'm going to head down and check a few flicks out, and was hoping to catch a glimpse of an Askewer. If anyone has info, help a brother out.
Smith and Mewes, you the bomb in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back", yo.

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