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Posted by Inna at dhcp93105138.columbus.rr.com on August 27, 2001 at 20:30:25:

Ok does this man even watch the films he's supposed to be reviewing? It seems to me he goes in watches maybe 15 mins of it and sleeps till the credits.. Then makes his own assumptions..
Case in point..
When talking about the beginning of the movie he says this...

"Now a restraining order has encouraged them to budge, and in a comic book store they run into Banky Edwards (Jason Lee), who based his "Bluntman and Chronic" comic on them, and now informs them it's been sold to Miramax."

Banky? They ran into Banky at the comic store? Ummmmmm no... Did he even notice the sign out front?

Sorry folks, but stuff like that pisses me off. He obviously didn't pay that close attention to the flick. Nor did he seem to pay attention to any of the previous ones, IF he saw them at all. I don't feel this person even has a right to review something if he has no idea what he's talking about to begin with.
This movie was awesome, with the characters all coming back - playing their various roles... it was something the fans absolutely loved.
He should just pay more attention if he's gonna post an opinion about something...

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