I am sorry, Kevin [repost from end of last board]

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Posted by tBoNe777 at otto.spillmanfarmer.com on August 27, 2001 at 11:42:01:

To Kevin, and all the rest of the hard-working VA crew,

I'll get it out right now. I missed the movie this weekend.
Too much personal stuff came up and went down, company picnic included that left me with no window to catch the flick. Sorry, man. You do so much for your fans and have only asked one thing specifically for us to do
to help you out. Life just got in the way, this weekend. Lousy adulthood
responsibilities. Wanna know what's worse? I caught the sneak preview last weekend. Boo Hiss, I know...but did I mention that it was the single best moviegoing experience I ever had? The whole audience was laughing, pointing stuff out to each other...it was a fucking riot. I fully plan on seeing the movie again this weekend, and probably more than once after that, just to be sure I catch all the neat little in-jokes you crammed into the cinematic nooks and crannies.

I know this may ring hollow, but I still think I am a fanboy. Since being intro'd to your work thru the magnificent film, Dogma, I have all your films on DVD (Clerks was one of the first I even considered owning), I highly regard my copy of Spike, Mike, Slackers, and Dykes and call it a must-have for any wannabe filmmakers, I have been to the Stash and I shook your hand at the last Vulgarthon (You might remember the guy who was waiting for popcorn and cokes when you were gonna start Dogma in theater 1 - that was me). I post on this board only when I think I have something original or funny to share, but I read it every day, and I send stuff to Brad at NewsAskew as often as the opportunity presents itself (two printed scoops in the last three months, woo hoo).

I know I won't be getting my personalized mini-poster, but I did want to let you know that I will catch it this weekend...and buy the DVD...and try my damnendest to get to the next V-thon, if it happens this year.
I love the films you make. I enjoy the stories you tell, but more than that, I like the way you tell them. Even more than that, having met you and your associates in person, up close and without prestenses, I can honestly say you're as cool as everyone who enjoys your work thinks you are.

Am I out of the cult? I hope not. I lead a pretty dull life, and one of the few islands of pleasure in it is knowing that some guy I admire and identify with has made his dreams come true, beyond possibly his own wildest expectations. Helping him exceed those expectations (and enjoying the vicarious thrill I get from that) makes my Dilbertized day a little brighter. It's not a bright day here today, I can tell you that. I'll do what I can to make it right again.

Tom Harrison - "Tbone777"

PS To save you from having to waste a reply over this...I'll say it for you...Fuck me...fuck me in my stupid ass for missing opening weekend..I am the one who is the ball-licker.

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