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Posted by HeroineBob666 at 06-164.024.popsite.net on August 24, 2001 at 16:21:57:

I've seen "Clerks: The Animated Series" about 2 dozen times, but why did they stop airing it on CBS or whatever T.V. station it was on. So what if it was controversile. What isn't, I mean you can't swear on TV but your kids'll hear them almost no matter where they go: the mall, the 'super' market, at school. Anywhere and everywhere someone will let one 'slip'. So what the f***! All this bull-s*** about corrupting the young, yet previous generations are just perfectly fine, it's the parents fault for not always being there, thelling them what is right and what of wrong. "Land of the free" my a**!!! If I make a joke about a homosexual in-front of his or her face, they could sue me for a hundred- thousand dollars or something like that then what kind of freedom do I have. Same thing if I make a racist or prejudice or whatever kind of 'insult' i can think of.

Mike (A.k.a Heroine Bob)

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