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Posted by Hungry like the wolf at webcacheh02a.cache.pol.co.uk on August 24, 2001 at 16:20:54:

In Reply to: what the hell happened with this movie? posted by TedHenderson on August 24, 2001 at 16:19:18:

: Not trying to be rude, but did J&SBSB just seem like a rush to end the series so Smith could pursue other stuff or what? Sure, everyone will be deceived by the countless references to his other films that distract us from the fact that the film is not as funny as expected. Even crudeness and low down humor has to be done in style. No Kevin Smith film has ever made me laugh a whole lot, but the others had some point of interest and some sort of pace. This seems like a big budget fan film other than a film for the fans, and you can say Smith doesn't care about reviews all you want, but he didn't post Ebert's good review for no reason. The film is not funny enough to overide its blantant cornyness. Of course you will trash what i'm saying, because you're probably a fan. But in being a fan, you must take a look and ask yourself what you really think instead of what you want to think. Out of four, I'd give the film two. Entertaining, could have been a lot funnier.

: P.S. I think I would have rather seen Clerks 2.

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